Thursday, May 15, 2008

What I did yesterday

I wanted to make an album for my CKC St Louis trip. I chose my Basic Grey 6x12 chipboard album, because I've never worked with that size before. I used regular acrylic paint as my background on each page, and the paper is MME Tres JOlie. Many of the page accents and titles are from that line as well. I have some transparency frames that are from MME too in there. Some of the other transparencies are acctually the clear plastic that you THROW away when you buy acrylic stamps and store them the way i do. I found so many things that i'd normally throw away that I kept! Also, one of the journalling tags on one of the pages (white, looks like a torn off sheet of paper) is also just one of the samples that comes with the SEE D's stamps. I've been keeping some of those things to use, and they're great!
I used up a whole BOTTLE of Mod Podge on this project, and tons of random ribbons, mostly from Michaels!
Here is my album...enjoy!

Front Cover. I love the back cover better, so I'm kicking myself!
title is cuttlebug die

Journalling is on a new prima overlay (I am in LOVE with slick writer pens!)

The bird is another prima overlay, i cut the paper behind the overlay in the package and kept it behind it cause i loved the color already! Journalling card is NEW from BIsous! (see famous Klo?)

Maya Road office sheers (omg they so totally rock!) The owl is the clear plastic that the acrylic stamps come on when you buy them. Ya know..the stuff you throw away! I've saved it all, and used a ton of it in this book, so from now on above each picture, if i've used the acrylic stamp plastic, i'll just put ASP (acrylic stamp plastic)

Another Bisous journalling card, "good times" (ASP) felt from the Kajinkers booth..the lady gave me two free packages of it! woo hoo!

"not so perfect" (ASP) transparency from MME (my minds eye) cuttlebug alpha

KI memories tag lines (in orange) quote is ASP

Flourishes are ASP and I painted on the back of them with blue acrylic paint =)
journalling sheers-Maya Road


MM pink journalling paper, Maya road sheers

White journalling paper is from a GO INQUE See D's stamp insert (same as ASP but paper instead of plastic)

Title and crown from MME, black transparencies ASP


JOurnalling Tags Bisous, Quote and birds (top right) ASP, all the rest is MME

Buttons bought at BIG LOTS in a huge container for 3 bucks! (tons of em!)
Title is cuttlebug die (did i mention i used up a whole container of mod podge?

I'm totally excited that I took trash and made it into treasure. I have a whole drawer of that plastic from my acrylic stamps that I've put the stamps in cd cases and almost threw away the plastic they were on, until i realized that I could USE it...then i dug through my trash and recollected all of them! woot!


~Kammie~ said...

wow--that turned out great! looks like you girls had fun!

Anonymous said...

love it! -Dona

Awesome Abby said...

This is great...of course, my favorite spread is the one of you and C!

Anonymous said...

What a great little Album, I love it.

Anonymous said...

I have never met you but I can tell you are incredibly talented, creative and resourceful! This is album is amazing! Can I scraplift a few pages or perhaps the whole book?
Love it, love it, love it!

mirandalynn said...

what beautiful pictures Pedro, you are amazingly talented! WOW!