Thursday, May 15, 2008


Department store, that is! I had to clarify that, cause my hubby's best friend's name is Ross! haha

I went there today to find a dress for a "tea party" that I'm going to with my mother in law. I have to admit, I hate shopping, but I was sooo freakin excited when I tried on 10 dresses and 9 of them fit me! I had SOME control, and only bought 5 of the 9, but I loved them all so much, and they were so freakin cheap, I couldn't put any more back! The most EXPENSIVE one was 17 bucks, and the cheapest one was 11.99! How cool is that?

Here are some pics of my lovely new summer dresses!

This first dress looked really good on me. I bought it for when mom asks me to go to church with her sometimes.

This second dress looked like Toile, and was sooo pretty and elegant I just had to buy it! (14 bucks!)

Same dress is black!!!

This is the dress that I bought for the tea party I'm going to be going to with my mother in's so cute on!

This is my goal's soooo cute and summery, and ALMOST fits! Another 15 lbs and I'll be wearing it everywhere! It's been over 12 years since I've fit in this size! can i hear a woot woot??


~Kammie~ said...

OMG Jill--those are SO cute!!!!!! and what a deal! unfortunately our Ross sucks! can never find anything in there not to mention they hardly have any clothes in the first place--worst Ross I have eve been to.

And congrats on your weight loss and fitting into old sizes! LOL I have been trying to get into some of my old things that USE to fit, so I salute you!!!! Great job! and the haircut is still so cute!

~Kammie~ said...

sent you an email thru tally with my email addy! :O)

Leah C said...

WOW girl, all those dresses rock. Congrats on your weight loss.. loved reading your blog!

Laura Lee said...

vert very cute dresses!! Congrats on your new dress size - that is awsome!!! Did you get good deals?

Anonymous said...

Oh, beautiful!!! I love these! That toile one, ahhhh.... And you'll soon be in your goal dress... I just know it. And I expect to see lots and lots of full-length show-offy pics! Yeah!

Awesome Abby said...

Oh my! I would have SOOOO picked out EVERY ONE OF THOSE! You have great taste, darling! Be sure to post pics of you when you wear them! I wanna see!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous dressed ~ i'm going to ross!!