Thursday, September 27, 2007

Second chance

I havn't posted in a while. Partly because I didnt' think anyone was reading my blog, and partly because I didn't feel like I had anything positive to say, so why have a negative blog for people to read? I didn't get a call from the biggest loser, and when I went back on their website last week, I saw that they REOPENED their casting call to members of the BIGGEST LOSER CLUB. SO, of course, in a last ditch effort, I joined the club, submitted another application and made a video. I have to say, my video pretty much sucked. I didn't have enough people to film me, lighting was bad, I had a lot of FRIEND issues to deal with that day, and my husband and I got into a HUGE fight that lasted HOURS. I tried to put on a happy face in front of the camera, but it was just a BAD day to film. now that I've sent it in, there are so many other things I would have loved to have done in front of the camera that probably would have gotten me on the show.
Oh well, such is life.
I am, however, still doing weight watchers, and have lost 16 1/2 pounds in the past 6 weeks, so at least that's a start. I was really sick on Monday, and that threw me for a loop, but I'm better now, and this weekend I'm going to the beach with my mom for a few days, and we're gonna hang out and celebrate her 61st birthday. (don't tell her I told you her age!) it will be a nice relaxing time!
Ok so I'm sitting here writing this, and hearing WIERD noises either coming from IN my freezer, behind my freezer, or in my cupboard, and I'm praying to GOD that it's not a mouse!!! ugggh!
Sorry, got off subject. I havn't scrapped in a while, and it's depressing, because i love it so much, and my scrap area is now clean! I am, however, reading like a freak, and have read over 10 James patterson books in less than 2 months! When the kids take their naps, I sit here and read, and am almost through a full novel in the past 24 hours. I just won an auction of James Patterson books on ebay the other day, so I have 12 more I get to read..that I'm sure I'll be done with by Thanksgiving! haha
If I hear anything back from the biggest loser, I'll be sure to give an update!

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Anonymous said...

holy crap! 16 pounds. Jillie, YOU ROCK SISTER!