Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Last weekend

So I am so lame....I posted those messy scrap room pics, cause my full intention was to CLEAN the area, and then post AFTER pics the next day! DIDN'T HAPPEN>>>>>>Instead, I had a sleepover party with my great friend GEENA at her parents house while they were away, had a poker party with Jason's friends and my sister and her hubby, went swimming, and took my mom and my son to go see HAIRSPRAY. It was acctually a nice, peaceful weekend for once! I'll try to find some time to clean my scrap area by the end of the week so I can finally post pics of what it's SUPPOSED to look like. I'll also take pics and post them of the fabulous scrap finds I got at BIG LOTS! Holy cow, I spent a small fortune! Now I have to have a scrap garage sale and sell some of my crap, so I can reimburse myself! haha

I was in a store this weekend, and I saw a framed piece of art that had a saying I really really loved on it. I've never heard the saying before, and if I had liked the artwork next to the saying, I would have bought it in an instant..but instead, I just kept the saying in my head till I could post it on here. It said..... "Once in a while in ordinary life, Love gives us a fairytale"

If only everyone could use their imagination once in a while, and live in that dream, fairytale, fantasy world.....you should try it! It's fantastic! =)

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