Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Long time no blog

if your name is Candice Stewart, you are to leave my blog RIGHT NOW>..NO PEEKY PEEKY. You will see your baby gift soon enough. Behave...have self control. Buh bye =)

I know I know..it's been 4freakinever! I am a busy girl. Just got back from 2 scrap conventions. One in San Diego (del mar) and one in Novi Michigan. In 2 weeks I'll be leaving again for another one in Texas! Getting back on track with my diet, by this time next week I could *crossing my fingers* be at my lowest weight in 12 years! *gasp*

Ok, so You may not think I've been scrappin much cause I havn't blogged a lot, but that would be false. I've acctually finished 4 mini albums this month, including one that I won't be showing yet, cause I havn't found a bind it all to bind it together yet..boo hoo (and its the coolest one of all,**a teresa collins album** so I need to find one soon!)

Anyways, here are the 3 albums I have finished and have pics of.

This first album is kind of a "Jill's got ants in her pants" album. One of those "just got really cool brand new Scenic Route paper and I have to use it NOW!" albums. One of those..."ooh, this paper will look really cool in a black chipboard mini album with different size pages" albums. he...he....

Remember the cover of this album below? I FINALLY finished it! This album was made with a Melissa Frances chipboard album, and once again...Scenic Route paper! All pics are from a family vacation the year I found out I was pregnant with Jadyn.

And last but not least, this baby mini album is for my sister in law who just had her first little baby girl Piper. It's acctually a kit I bought at the expo last week, so I can't claim its cuteness.

The Teresa Collins album pics will be posted as soon as it's bound. It soooo totally rocks!


Carin said...

SO CUTE! I love them all!!!!!!!

Los Claytons said...

Wow they are all super cute. I love, love, LOVE the first one you put up. Good job! and good job on the weight loss.

I got a temporary membership for reps for life to last me until we leave (mid-june) - have you ever gone to one of the classes? Soo good - I mean hard, intense, but sooo good!