Thursday, May 28, 2009

Four eyes

So I read...I read and I read and I read...I read for hours..every day...and now....I need glasses..cause I read TOO

So here I am...with my new glasses. Jacob calls me Madame Librarian. Jason says they're sexy...I think they make me look 12 years old. But at least I can KEEP ON READIN! woot!

PS- have you ever seen so many roses one one bush? And 10 more show up everyday! crazy....


browneyedgirl said...

I love your posts on Teresa's yahoo weight loss group. just followed the link to your blog. You look fabulous and are soooo inspiring to me.
Keep up the great work and keep posting.

This Is Me, Doing What I Do said...

I think you look like a sexy mamacita! And the good part of needing them to read is, you can choose when you want to look sexy with them on or off!

Anonymous said...

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