Saturday, May 23, 2009

Date night..woot woot!

So Jasons brother Daryn was nice enough to give us some tickets to a Padres/Cubs game for yesterday that he got at work. Mom watched the kids for us so we could go, and we drove to San Diego and got to the game just seconds before it started. I have to say that Petco stadium so totally rocks! The layout was great, the weather was amazing, it was clean, a million bathrooms and more food than I've ever seen in my life! (Thank God for self control, cause I wanted to eat everything I smelled, and we ate NOTHING there..yay us!) So we had great seats, and watched the game for a while....

and then left and went to our hotel cause we were exhausted! We got a priceline room and it sent us to the Manchester Hyatt, which is probably the NICEST hotel I've ever been in outside of Vegas!

Had breakfast in the morning (can you tell I skipped past all the hotel details? hehe) and then went to COstco to load up on food cause my brother Kevin and his family will be here any minute to spend the weekend with us. More pics from this weekend will be posted Monday! Have a great weekend and a safe HOliday!

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