Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

I'm not doing so well with the whole "keep your blog going" thing right now. I think its partly cause I'm lazy and my allergies are horrible, mixed with the fact that I lost my scrapping mojo and havn't made anything creative in for-freakin-ever!
I need to get back my scrappin mojo! So these pics of Easter are coming in the wrong order, cause we went to Big Bear first, but I'm posting these first...because why? Because I can..thank you very much.

The easter bunny was super lazy this year...didn't buy anything...didn't do anything, but by the end of yesterday, he was feeling guilty, so he went to walmart, and showed up at our house at 5pm...haha

this is what we got...and if you're wondering what the heck Jason is doing..the easter bunny (Jason himself) received deodorant....nuff said

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