Friday, April 24, 2009

So Cal is hot hot hot!

Yes, I've become aware that I currently suck at blogging. Mostly because I lost my scrappin mojo and had to find it,,,and didn't want to just bore you guys with my everyday life stuff, and partly cause I've never been so damn busy in my whole life. I can't BELIEVE it's almost May already! This whole year has gone by in one big blur. This weekend we'll be at the Stagecoach festival (country music concert) in the desert, next weekend I'll be at an expo in San diego, and the following weekend i'll be in Novi MIchigan at another convention. Needless to say, I'm stressed beyond believe about keeping good with my diet and exercise. I don't want to let my trainer down, cause I know he believes that I can do it!

Here are some pics of what SPRING is like in April in Southern California. Lets just say it was in the 90's last week (today, on the other hand, it was 67 degrees..barely...sheesh! no wonder everyone keeps getting sick around here!

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