Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween fun

you guys are gonna hate me after this post, cause I'm posting so many favorite pics, I can't just choose a few! We started out our halloween night trying on costumes...omg can I just say NIGHTMARE? My 2 year old tried on 4 different things before I forced her to keep one on! First, Jadyn was the girl from Lazytown (a cartoon she watches) The wig has seen better days

....back in the bin it went! Then she was a witch (jordyns old outfit) too itchy..back in the bin...then her princess costume from last year....didnt' like the crown on her head, so back in the bin it went too! I came up with an old granny outfit for her, and she was the freakin cutest old granny ever! Here are some of my fave pics of her...

Then there's Jordyn. She didn't like any of the costumes we had to choose from so I had to coax her into the fact that the DIVA costume was sooo cool! took 2 hours to convince this time I had turned into the grinch..bah humbug, let's put the kids to bed already! But we forged are my fave pics of Jordyn. What a little crazy daisy she is!

And that leaves Jacob. Jacob decided that he didn't want to dress up...but since he's too young to stay home, he had to go trick or treating with us..and not without a first he made himself some claws...omg...then he found a bear mask in Jordyns room..and then a huge blue he was bearclaw man..or

So Jason said that there was a carnival at a church in Calimesa that had free games and free food (he's all about free food..haha) so we went there for a little bit, the kids played and ate and then we went trick or treating around the block, handed out some candy, and that was the extent of our night! Ok, last pics and then I'm done boring Y'all!


Anonymous said...

how crafty of that kid to make his own claws! Must take after his mother! LOL

Yes, granny wins for sure.

And Jordyn totally looks like you in that one photo where she's not smiling and all serious. Geesh!


Awesome Abby said...


Helena said...

OMG Jadyn is a doll!!!

I have just found your blog and I love it!!!!


Anonymous said...

Jill ~ Jadyn makes the perfect grandma, toooooo funny!!