Saturday, November 8, 2008

77 and counting, baby!

77...what's the significance of that number? It's how many pounds I've lost since last year! Can I hear a woot woot? How did I do it? Weight watchers, exercise, and the Biggest Loser club. Not to mention my HUGE group of motivational friends and family members that keep me going every day! My next goal is to lose another 10 lbs by Christmas, and to hit my 100 pound mark by Valentines Day!

My weight watchers leader always says "Nothing tastes as good as SKINNY feels!" Well I plan to find out just how good that feels! Thanks for all of your support, people, I couldn't have done it without you! xoxox


Katie said...

I'm so proud of you, Jilly! I wish I had the determination and strength that you have. I just know that you can make it to 100.

~Kammie~ said...

woohoo JILL!!!!!! that is awesome--good for you!!!!

keep it going--you'll make your goal with no problem!!!

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work! love ya!


Anonymous said...

You freaking ROCK sistah friend. I am so motivated by you and inspired by you!


Anonymous said...

Heeeeyyyyy! I know it's been about 400 years since I stopped by -- and I was suddenly thinking about you, and WOW, this is what I find! 77!!! You SO rock. That is wonderful. I hope you're extremely proud of yourself cuz you deserve it, truly and totally.

:) Nette

Anonymous said...

wooooooohooooooooo for you have done so great !! You are an inspiration to others and have a right to be proud of what you have accomplished. Keep up the good work ..ERM