Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spongebob layout

Ok, so this layout I just made has got to be one of my faves...not necessarily because I think It's a great layout, but because It was so fun to make! I am a LOVER of doodling, but I suck at it, so I NEVER doodle on my pages...but when it comes to SPONGEBOB, I think Doodling is pretty much a necessity, am I right? I Think I did a pretty good job of it, and I love my title at the bottom...scraplifted that idea, of course!

I'm a huge fan of Elsie Flannigan's doodling, so I dedicate this layout to her, cause her doodling inspires me and I can't get enough of her blog and her layouts!

Thanks to naptime today, I was able to complete the whole thing in about an hour..woot woot!

ps..all paper is MM, and the stickers are from the dollar store!




TxScrapAddict said...

Awesome! My DS is a fanatic too!!

Jewelry Designs by Brooke said...

You are da bomb baby....LOVE the's theraputic, no?

ELiScrAper said...

Love the doodling, I am not sure why you think you can't do it!

Kimmy P said...

awesome job on the doodling! I'd say you're a pro at it!

Kat_RN said...

Your doodling is great and that photo just makes the page. You should doodle more. Thanks for the compliments. I love my photoshop.