Monday, September 15, 2008

CKC Phoenix!

I'm back from Phoenix, and what a ride! lol It was a very long weekend, and not a busy convention like we would have hoped, but of course we still had a blast!

First off, our hotel (the Hyatt) was a whopping 2 blocks away from the convention center...this did not stop us from taking the rickshaw (spelled wrong i'm sure) to and from the convention...only cause it was fun, and we were doing the AMAZING RACE with eachother...too freakin funny! Klo was waving to everyone, and even called a man in a suit MAESTRO as we rode by! I about died laughing....the poor drivers had their work cut out for them! haha

I got to meet Melissa Frances (who's chipboard albums I LOVE LOVE LOVE) and Sarah Milne (the owner of Scenic Route!) They were both so nice and we talked for a while and I stole a picture with them...woot woot!

Ya know when you go to a convention and you see these poor husbands and they're only at the convention to hold their wives bags while their wives spend every dime they have and are probably getting a second mortgage out on their house just to pay for convention? Well here is an acception to the norm. This freakin cute little old guy was shopping for HIMSELF and said he was scrapping for years...his shirt was SO OLD and worn out, and he said he wanted to find a new one, but couldn't find any MENS scrap shirts....I asked if I could take his pic, cause I just LOVED him! hehe

Here are some funny pics of us as Pazzles Angels. OMG I had to do some creative cropping cause the "girls gone wild" were getting frisky!

And...a couple other random pics from convention....

Next stop, the Ontario Scrapbooking Expo right here in Southern Cali...wahoo!


Katie said...

Aww...I'm so envious! I so wanted to do this one. ;) Need to really take some pics next time I get to come along.

Dona'Scrap said...

cutecutecute! Klo love you hair that length. very cute.

Dona'Scrap said...

your ...I meant your hair..duh

Awesome Abby said...

Oooh, what FUN pix! I LOVE the shirt, the inspire one. I WANT one. How do I get one?!?!?!??!