Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Texas Pics

here are some pics from Texas, Y'all!

Here is steph in all her glory selling her Pazzles!

Kloey pretending she's not famous when we all know she is!

All of us (and our waiter..lol) in front of Cracker Barrel...yum!

Steph, Klo and I...

Just some random chicks that wanted their pictures with me...JUST KIDDING! These are the coolest ladies that we met at the expo. Their names are Sherri, Sharon, Sandy, and Ronda (has to change her name to a "S" name to fit in!)
As soon as I find out from Klo, I'll also post links to their cool websites!!! These women were truly our kindred spirits and weren't afraid of our crazy personalities...LOVE THEM!!!

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