Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If you're a lover of Vintage items...

You have to check out this company!
One of the vendors at the Virginia expo is the owner of a company called Accessories of Old. They have thousands of beautiful vintage items, and I'm not saying "vintage LOOKING" items, I'm saying the REAL MCCOY here. Vintage buttons made of glass with beveled edges, vintage trims, vintage glass beads, buckles, hair accessories, patches, brooches, kitchenwear, etc etc etc! I was sooo intrigued by all the cool things, I had to take tons of pictures!

Just by talking to Andrew and his father in law (both from South Africa)I learned so many cool things! Also, besides the cool vintage items, the antique packaging, and the drawings of the girls on the packaging just took my breath away...I loved it! If you're totally head over heels for vintage stuff, you've gotta check out their website... Accessories of old

They also had these totally freakin adorable house purses that I love love loved!!! They are big, and can probably hold a LOT of things, but how cute would they look in your scraproom full of supplies? Also, the little coin purses and handmade cards with vintage pictures are so cute, don't you just want one??

Accessories of Old also has an etsy shop and a blog, and as soon as I find out what those links are, I'll post them as well!!


LaurieStar said...

Oooh - I love those felt house-shaped purses! So cute. Now I want one.

Awesome Abby said...

OK, before you go spending $5.95 a yard on jacquard trims and $12 a button, look me up...they don't call me Awesome Abby for nothing! When I had my yahoo group going...aweseomofferingsbyabby...I had all this stuff. I still have a lot of it and I'll share. Besides, if life ever slows down, I want to get it back running because it was profitable for me in that I could shop and have one for me and still make back the money that I spent by selling the rest to others. It was FUN and i got to put kits together, etc. I really miss it, can you tell?!?!? But at any rate...before you start buying that stuff, check with me on what I have left. I'll share.