Friday, November 2, 2007

Scrapbooking expo

Ok, so it's been 6 days since the scrapbooking expo, and I'm FINALLY finding the TIME to post the pictures of all the AWESOME Things I bought there. You will see from my pictures what some of my favorite brands are...and let it be known, that one of the prizes for my next contest is IN one of these pictures, and it's valued at over 20 dollars retail! wooo hooo

This first picture is kinda hard to see, but it's of the technique tuesday chipboard that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! I've seen sooo many amazing layouts done with this stuff, that I just had to buy some of it for myself! I also bought the complete idea book that goes with the stamps and the chipboard. It was only 8 bucks and has some of the coolest layouts EVER in it! I'll be posting some layouts that I make from this stuff soon!

The next picture is of some TLC page kits. Although I wasn't too excited at how FEW papers are in these kits, i still bought 3 of them, because #1, the circles are totally my style, #2, the paper is very much like crate paper in these kits, and I LOVE crate paper, and #3, the colors are soooo awesome IRL!

This next picture is of some of my favorite things that I bought at the expo. If you havn't bought PAPER LOFT paper, you havn't lived! I'm totally obsessed with this paper! The colors are amazing, and the page kits are STOCKED with tons of paper and matching monogram alphas. I do believe I have every kit they've ever made now, because of good prices at the expos. They also had some new mini file folder albums for 5 bucks, so I bought two of those as well. I know the pic I took of these is horrible, so I'll scan the proof sheet the kits come with soon so you can REALLY see this awesome paper!

I know this next picture turned out horrible (quality wise) but that's just cause I'm too lazy to take another picture, and if you REALLY want to see it you can go to their website. These new prima clear acrylic stamps are the BOMB! They sold out at every booth that sold them at the expo (so of course I had to be one of the buyers, right?)

I have a big obsession with paper..can you tell? This isn't my first expo where I've bought paper....stamps...paper...stamps..chipboard...paper....!!!
These next page kits are from sassafrass lass. The colors are very bright and the patterns are very bold and crazy, but I love em!

Scenic Route....YUM! What can anyone say BAD about Scenic Route? Nothing! I loved this page kit, but it didn't have enough paper in it, so of course I bought the matching cardstock and more sheets of the paper. Who knew that orange and blue looked so damn awesome together??

The next two pics are from Daisy D's kits. I LOVE Daisy D's! The 8x8 paper stack has pre-scalloped christmas paper, that I think I'll use to make an adorable mini album this holiday! I also bought their new roll on rubon stitches (awesome) and some more page kits with rubons in them. the prices were great!

I bought these bosskut dies to use for my christmas cards this year. There was a gingerbread one that was the BOMB, and they made an awesome sample one that I wanted to that time i was out of money, and when I went back to drool over it, someone had already bought the last one-boo hoo! I dont have a bosskut, but the dies work well in my sizzix =)

I'll be honest on this one. I have been to expos the past couple of year and have BYPASSED the booth because it was so cheap that the crowds of people made me NOT wanna stand in a long line, and I didn't think they had anything worth the wait anyways. This year, I started bypassing it too, but I looked up and saw these 12x12 things, and asked the girl in line "what are those?" and she said "12x12 rubons from karen foster!" and i said "for a buck?" and she said "yep" and I said..."crap, gotta get in line for those!"
I'm a sucker for rubons, what can i say? If i can get a whole 12x12 sheet of rubons for a buck, I WILL wait in a long claustrophobic line with annoying ladies pushing strollers with crying babies!

These are some mini house kits from
they have the whole heartwarming vintage collection! I was shocked to see that they now carry some really cool clear acrylic stamps, and alterable chipboard kits. I bought these houses partly because I've always wanted to make these cute little things, but also because I'm so scrapper minded that I hardly ever make anything altered, and if I aim to be on a design team someday, they usually make you do some altered items, so I'd better try it out, right? I'm going to try to make one of these houses look amazing sometime soon, and I'll post it on here for your viewing pleasure! =)

this next picture has some items from two different companies. The BABY chipboard album is from Bo Bunny, and I bought it to make an album for my friend who's going to have a baby soon (not gonna say WHICH friend..hehe) The other chipboard album is from Prima! I loved this album because not only is the cover embossed, but the best thing about it is that it's not glued together. It acctually has holes to put clamps or ribbons through. The reason why this is so cool to me, is because I hate those albums that you buy that are so tightly bound that when you put THICK paper or embellishments in there, they dont close properly and are wide open. This album was also very well priced, and might become a christmas present when i finish altering it..woo hoo!

I recently bought a ton of the new basic grey packs from an online group, so I decided to buy the matching cardstock to go with it. Mello, Periphery, Infuse, etc...yum!

I bought this basic grey kit. It's all inclusive, and the paper's already cut for you in a cute little shape just like the album. When I saw the price, I put it back down...when the guy showed me the SAMPLE album and told me the paper was already cut to size, I pulled out my wallet. The pics dont even do this kit justice..can't wait to show you how AWESOME these are!!

I've been looking for a store that sells these 12x12 templates FOREVER! When I saw a lady 20 feet away from me showing them to her friends at the expo, I screamed to her "where did you get those??" and she pointed the way to the booth...omg..these templates rock!

I dont know how many times I need to yell to the world how awesome Crate Paper is, but I think that the fact that I own it all now shows a bit about my taste in paper. Every time I make a page out of this paper, people always say "wow, that's so cool! How did you do the designs around the edges of the paper like that?" and of course I respond "it COMES that way!" and they say..."that's sooo awesome!"
Not only is it pretty on the eyes, but it's THICK, and sturdy, so you can use it as background paper as well. LOVE IT!

I bought these See D's stamps at the expo. I can't get enough of them! They're so cheap and so cute! I'm sure I'll be posting several layouts using these stamps in the near future! =)

I had to add these scenic route stickers. I use stickers like this all the time on my layouts. 7 Gypsies also has stickers with the monograms and words on them. Since they were buy one get one I even need to finish the sentence? haha

so anyways, that's pretty much the extent of my expo purchases. I had a blast, I got to see Klo again, and watch her sell the incredible Pazzles machine, and learn more about how to use it, in the chance that I am a Pazzles OWNER someday, and now I'm broke with a smile on my is good!


iris said...

You have been busy busy busy my friend!!! But I love what you have here! You made really good choices and I must say you write a pretty good review too! They should hire you (wink!:) Cause you certainly made me want to go and get those beauties for myself!

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