Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Sorry I've been MIA lately. Just got back from a weekend cruise with the kids to Ensenada, and have been busy as heck working since. I'm a bit disappointed in the fact that I only got two votes on the winner of the contest, but I guess I can't expect much, being a scrapbooking NOBODY that wants to get noticed, right? Anyways....Looks like Thea won the contest! YAY THEA!!! Ok ladies, if you want to win the next contest, you need to tell your friends to come on to my website and VOTE! Thea, I'll bring your gift with me to Texas in December, if that's ok with you!

I'll announce my next contest tomorrow.

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LaurieStar said...

Awww.... you're not a nobody! I'm reading your blog right now! Sometimes I feel like that too, though. Anyway - love your altered house! Cute!