Sunday, February 21, 2010

post op days 7 8 9 and 10

Good lord, in my drug induced haze I didn't even realize I havn't posted in 4
I wish I could say it was because I was out partying, and having a great time, but I'm not gonna lie...I was in the depths of hell. I'm only writing this for people that havn't had the surgery yet and are considering it, i'm not REALLY writing it for my friends to feel sorry for me or be grossed out, but I know if people do a google search on tonsillectomys they like to know what they're getting into. I'm at the end of day 10, and I THOUGHT it was getting better today, so I decided to go off my narcotic meds and just switch to extra strength tylenol. I'm afraid now that maybe it was too soon, and I might have a seriously horrible painful night ahead of me. Advice for people that are about to have this done....
do NOT assume that you're STRONGer, so it'll hurt less, or you're healthier cause it will hurt less...because that's a load of crap. You will be in severe pain for AT least 10 days, to the point of excruciating, shaking, crying, hysterical. Nights are the WORST...I DREADED when the sun went down cause you sleep for an hour at a time and wake up with the worst cotton mouth of your life, so dry that your tongue will stick to the top of your throat. You will have 24/7 nonstop CONSTANT mass foam/saliva in your mouth that WON'T go down, no matter how many times you swallow...for days and days and days, and i'm almost on day 11 and its still there. The worst taste in your mouth, horrible breath, your jaw will feel like it had been wrenched from your head, your teeth will ache, and your neck will hurt for days because you are so TENSE from the pain. Make sure you sleep on a TON of pillows...laying flat or on your side will severely increase the pressure in your ears, and the ear pain is the worst part. You will se massive thick white and black patches on the back of your throat.this is NOT try to pick it off for any reason! Dont be dumb like me and try to look at your throat in the mirror a million times a day, cause that just stretches the wounds and makes it crack and bleed. Dont talk alot..i talk TOO much and that probably prolonged the bad parts. drink water..even at night..every chance you can get when you wake hurts sooooo bad, especially at night, but it helps sooo much! The first 4 days, water and ice were best for me, and popsicles..after day 4, cold hurt like hell..even room temp waterbottles sting my throat and hurt my ears. Drink warm tea with HONEY. I think honey helped my healing a LOT, when i woke up in the middle of the night with dry throat, I ate a tsp of honey and sucked on it till it coated my throat, and then was able to rest a bit longer. IF you are like me, and the pain meds dont last at ALL till the next time...drink that warm tea..not hot! slightly warm. it will feel soooo good and will help ease the pain till the next meds. also, i slept day and night with freezer gel packs (the squooshy kind) on my neck and a heating pad on my on ears, cold on neck....rotate always, it helps like you wouldn't believe!!! Gum.....chew gum like its going out of style. One night i woke up and my mouth was sooo dry and it hurt so bad and i still had 2.5 hours till my next meds..i was DYING, so I chewed a piece of gum, cause it aids in the healing, and helps you salivate...hurts cause you have a sore jaw but just DO IT! Then i would get online at all hours of the night to get my mind off of the pain if i could an online game, read a book, take a bath (very helpful, i've taken a ton this week) just keep your hands from overdosing on those pills! Cold foods dont feel good to me either...i can't eat pudding or jello without pain, and ice cream and popsicles? no way....what felt gooooooooddddd....cream of wheat, oatmeal, verrrryyy watered down with no chunks, ramen soup is the thing i like best cause it feels the best. mashed sweet potatoes with butter..very mashed...sooo good. warm canned green beans with butter...chew good, goes down smooth. Like I said, I'm at the end of day 10, and I'm positive i've got at least 5 more days of pain ahead of me, so this is a LONG process, and HOPEFULLY worth it! If i can help ease someones pain, then I've done good posting all this!


Christy said...

I'm at the end of day 10 also, and I wholeheartedly agree with everything you've said - except for the mashed potatoes. A tonsil buddy recommended Country Crock's mashed potatoes to me and they cause a lasting sting that brings me to my knees. It's funny how what soothes one, kills another. Good luck tonight! I may throw caution to the wind and try to sleep in the bed tonight rather than the recliner!

Monday's Child said...

Oh honey that sounds absolutely miserable. I'm so sorry you're going through all this. Can I cook something for you? A nutritious but totally bland beef broth? Homemade gushy pasta? Mac n cheese? Let me know.
(Andrea K)

Fritz said...

@Christy's comment - Country Crock mashed potatoes are one of the most horrible ready-made foods I have ever eaten. Thankfully I've tried them before -- it would not feel good to vom while recovering from my tonsillectomy right now. The sting may have come from the mix of heavy preservatives that I remember seeing in the ingredients list when wondering how they could botch a seemingly simple food so badly.
As far as good instant mashed potatoes go, I swear by the Good Earth brand found at Costco. Amazing and worth needing milk to make them!