Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tonsillectomy day 3 (day 2 post op)

I slept a lot better last night, although every 4 hrs when I woke up to take my meds my throat stung really badly and my ears have begun hurting now too with every swallow. Cold things like ice and popsicles aren't feeling so good anymore, and so this morning jason pureed a peach cup and heated it up to luke warm in the microwave. That felt pretty good. I'm going to attempt a high protein hot chocolate (with water not milk) and have it luke warm at dinnertime. Very sore throat today. Been putting ice pack on my throat and one of those rice filled sacks you heat in the microwave on my ears...i think that's what helped me sleep last night. I also took a bath today and attempted to wash my hair but could only get it wet. Luckily, I dont feel hungry at ALL...dont know if that's cause of the meds or because of the pain, but I can't even finish a whole applesauce cup at one sitting right now. Feel like I have a throat full of foam right now, but i think its just mucous collecting around my uvula...making me swallow all the time but nothing will go down and it hurts like hell. Gonna go take a nap, and then my friend Jodi is going to come over with some white bread dipped in milk and sugar..supposed to taste good and go down smooth. Hope to get some relief tomorrow! Jason and Jacob are doing a great job tending to me and aren't complaining too much! Thank you everyone for your well wishes!

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