Monday, October 20, 2008

Tagged again!

I just checked out my sister in laws blog and noticed that I was tagged...who knew?

ok so here goes..everything in 8's! (this is hard!)

8 shows I like to watch

1.Extreme Makeover home edition
2. The Biggest Loser
3. Project runway
4. wheel of fortune
5. Days of our Lives
6. Clean sweep (cause i wish they came to my house)
7. sheesh, i dont watch this much tv..
8. seriously...

8 restaurants I like to eat at

1. Cheesecake Factory
2. Samoa Cookhouse (too bad its hours and hours away)
3. PF Changs
4. Subway (dont laugh it's the only healthy one)
5. Jose's mexican food
6. The Olive Garden
7. Chili's
8. Chevys

8 things that happened today

1. I watched 3 babies, 1 toddler and 2 dogs
2. Jadyn cried cause her shoes were too tight..which caused....
3. Jordyn to miss the bus
4. All babies teething so they all were fussy
5. Found out Jacob got a perfect report card
6. Found out that Jordyn did too
7. Made a healthy dinner and then...
8. Darci came over with Frugos for me (frozen yogurt-yummo!)

8 things that I am looking forward to

1. Scrapbooking expo this weekend-get to see Kloey and Steph
2. Wicked on Nov 9th..woot woot!
3. Pre thanksgiving vacation in San Diego for 4 days
4. Thanksgiving
5. My birthday
6. Seattle expo
7. Christmas
8. Vegas after Christmas (there was no time frame so i broke it up over a few months)
8 1/2 oops i forgot about halloween..hope I can find time in my schedule to get to the pumpkin patch! yikes!

8 things on my wish list...

never said if this was a life wishlist or a Christmas'll do both..

1. To be thinner
2. to be healthier
3. to make sure my family is HAPPY...alot!
4. To see my kids grow old
ok now for Christmas..cause i'm a brat...
5. a gift card to borders or barnes and noble (cause i'm obsessed with books
6. to be able to go to Klo's convention in March
7. To get the new Jillian Michaels wii fit game coming out soon
8. A gift card for a date night with my hubby..dinner and a movie

8 peeps I'm tagging..and they'd better do it!

1. Awesome Abby
2. Corinna bobbina
3. Dona dear (gonna give birth in 2 days)
4. Edie girl (best friend)
5. Famous Klo
6. Katrina (Katie girl)
7. Thea (little mushroom muncher)
8. Steph (Petunia Bitchy bottoms)

do it yahoos!


Anonymous said...

OMG I just saw Jillian's Wii game on this morning and I WANT IT too! I LOVE her. I want to go to Kloey's convention too! Wish we could meet up there and share a hotel room baby!


Dona'Scrap said...

Since I have to be at the hospital in 9 hours. I'm not doing it. So :P

Awesome Abby said...

crap i forgot to do this. remind me tomorrow and it can be my bloggy post for the day. don't forget cuz i prob. will.