Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scrapscene has done it again!

If you're a scrapper or a crafter and you HAVN'T heard of, then shame on you! Get out of your bubble, baby! Scrapscene is an online scrapping community, and if you sign up for their newsletter, you get it daily, including Speedlink Saturday! I don't know of any other scrapping newsletters that come out on weekends too!

Every daily newsletter has tips, tricks, ideas, who's who's with the new scrap celebs, etc. I LOVE that they post all the new design team contests AND the winners of them! There is an extensive blog roll of famous scrappers, and they even post CHA sneak peeks to drool over!

The Scrapscene owners name is Angie, and she's the best! What a trooper she is, she had those newsletters coming all the way up to the day she gave birth, and even after that, she was so prepared ahead of time, that they just kept comin daily, thanks to her wonderful hubby!

So if you havn't signed up for Scrapscene yet, and you want to know anything and everything about what's going on in the scrapping world, get your booty on over to asap!

Now, let's talk about the newest, hottest scrappin E-Book out there!
**first peek!*

Angie just came out with her second E-book now for sale at The first E-book, Scrappin Spring was a hit, and is still available on the website. This newest E-book will blow you away! This mini book e-book just became available this week, and I got the opportunity to feast my eyes on it, and it's fantastic! I was blown away with the creativity, and what the book had to offer at such a low price!

Forget going to a scrap store and spending 20 bucks on a magazine or book that is chock full of ads and gimmics! This E-book has NONE of that, and has 43 e-pages of everything you need to make 11 AMAZING mini book projects with step by step instructions, supplies lists, how to's, tips and tricks, binding techniques, closure methods, and more! There are even patterns and templates at the end! woo hoo!

In this E-book, you'll book projects using paint, ink, gesso, stamps, paper, cloth, plastic, clay, and more! One of the things I love about this E-book, is that the style that Angie used in her projects is so "IN" right now! From the trees, to the clouds, to the animals, etc!

I don't want to give TOO much away, but I have to tell you my favorite project. Angie created a painted cloth mini book that is so fantastic, you just want to reach out and touch the amazing texture! **sneak peek!**

I have had fabric sitting in my cupboards for I don't know HOW long, and I've yet to use more than a scrap of it on a page! I'm so inspired, I might just start up a fabric album today!
**sneak peek**

Angie also created a journal of scraps. Oops, another give away...sorry Angie! This project is SOOO clever! How many of you have BASKETS, DRAWERS, FOLDERS of scraps never to see the light of day?? *raising my hand*** I do!

A couple more hints of what this great E-book has, and then I'll shut my mouth so you can see for yourself how great this book is!

**recipes from Grandma's kitchen mini book (what a GREAT Christmas present idea!)
**sneak peek!**

**Polymer clay ultra mini book sneak peek!**(omg it's so tiny it fits in the palm of your hand! So clever!)

Ok, I've said enough, time to go check it out for yourself!

Here is a link for ya!

(ok so my link thingy isnt working, so you'll have to copy and paste the link below...sorry!)

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