Friday, August 31, 2007

Trying to wake up on the RIGHT side of bed

So I wake up this morning, take my shower, get dressed, come downstairs, and sit on my couch. I start thinking about how I'm gonna make my day better, so I'm not as stressed by the end of the day. I look over to my left, and sitting next to me on the couch is a naked barbie with her arms up in the air as if saying "HOLDDD MEEEE!" I start to giggle. Then I pick her up and realize it's not just a barbie, it's a Mary Kate and Ashley barbie....even funnier! Then Ians mom drops him off (kinda like a drive by) *open door, hand the baby off, and run* She tells me he hasn't had a bottle yet, so I get out his bottle, and it's the 8oz bottle that needs a liner. So I look in the bag for a liner, and the liner is 8 inches long, and looks like a freakin horse condom all rolled out and ready to go! More giggles.....this is how my day began.....

Now, as I speak, Jordyn is coloring "tattoos" on naked mary kate doll. SHe's very proud. Gotta love kids! I'm still debating whether I should take a PICTURE of naked barbie....I'm acctually debating getting some of my scrap supplies, and making her into white trash mary kate....I have so many cool rub ons that would look great...maybe a butterfly on her butt, the word LOVE across her boob, I could make a nose ring with a brad, oh....the possibilities are endless! =)

I decided to take some pictures of jordyn walking to the bus stop with Jamison (another little boy I watch.) Here are the pics...

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Anonymous said...

horse condom? OH MY GOD I am DYING laughing here! And that photo of little J with that big ole backpack, PRECIOUS!

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