Thursday, April 11, 2013

100+ more totally useless random things you never needed to know about me....

A few years ago I posted 100+ random things you never wanted to know about me.
It was fun to do, and I got a lot of feedback from friends saying they enjoyed it and wanted to write their own posts. Now, 4 years later, my life has changed so much, I figured it was time to write 100+ more random things that you never wanted to know about me ;)

so, here goes! Hope you dont get bored!

1. I HATE black licorice!

2. I've been on 10 cruises!

3. Krispy Kremes aren't better than any other donuts...just sayin!

4. same goes with IN N OUT burger...sorry!

5. I didn't love LES MIS as much as everyone else did.....

6. Me and high heels don't get along.

7. I'm addicted to reality tv. Not the smut like real housewives or big brother or Jersey Shore, but I love Idol, THE VOICE, X-Factor, Storage Wars, Extreme Makeover, and Biggest Loser.

8. I've now lost almost 50% of my starting weight....which is more than 90% of the biggest loser contestant from all seasons have lost.

9. I own a book club and have over 1000 books that I'm able to share with my friends. We have almost 100 members on fb!

10. I have no more living grandparents left =(

11. I have NO cousins..but my kids have tons..and they are all very close!

12. I used to daydream about being a character in an 80's movie. 16 Candles, Say Anything, Some kind of Wonderful, Pretty in Pink, etc

13. I've seen the movie Dirty Dancing at least 100 times and can quote it word for word.

14. Same goes with Labyrinth and Princess Bride

15. I've met one of my favorite authors-Sarah Jio. She's awesome!

16. I've met several of my favorite published scrapbookers. They are all amazing!

17. I'd love to get paid to scrapbook

18. I'm addicted to Instagram

19. I make jewelry

20. I hate horror films. Don't laugh, but after watching the Blare Witch project, I havn't watched one since.

21. driving out in the boonies on deserted roads at night gives me the heebie jeebies. I think I watched too many Nighmare on Elm Street and Jason movies when I was younger.

22. I've known my longest friend for 33 years. Her name is Kiera Hamilton. We took a girls cruise together a few years ago. =)

23. I take a "friends" vacation every year. Its always awesome!

24. I tuck my kids into bed every night and give them "tuck tuck widdle diddles"

25. I cry in my sleep when I have bad dreams

26. I always lock my front door-even during the day

27. I've never driven without my seatbelt

28. I think Kathy Griffin and Joan Rivers are two of the most annoying people on this planet

29. I was a brownie (girlscout) for all of 2 seconds, but still remember the pledge they had us say 28+ years later

30. I miss girls camp and would love to go back someday as a counselor or craft lady

31. Camp Noyo is one of my favorite places on earth. Nothing but good memories there

32. I've met SO MANY new friends that I know I'll be friends with for life through my weight loss group on fb. Who knew something amazing could come out of being a former fattie?

33. Cheddar and sour cream Ruffles are my guilty pleasure!

34. When I was a teenager I would go to the fortune teller to find out my "future." lol Funny thing is, she was right about so many things!

35. My favorite Jelly Bellies are green apple, red apple, juicy pear, cherry, peach, and strawberry daqueri

36. I hate ironing. I'd rather fluff the clothes in the dryer

37. I'm addicted to Pinterest...I have over 6000 pins, over 2000 likes and over 1000 followers.

38. I hate iphones and will never own forever! lol

39. I've never been to Hawaii

40. I'm great at english...SUCK at math!

41. I hate my handwriting-I used to copy my friends handwriting in elementary school

42. we've lived in this house for 6.5 years and have never used the master bathroom shower, cause we don't want it to get scuzzy.

43. I hate floral scented perfumes-I like fruity scents

44. I read 60+ books a year (prob not gonna make that goal this year =(

45. I havn't checked a book out of the library (for myself) in over 20 years....I just buy them

46. I lived in wine country for the first 23 years of my life and never drank wine

47. I have over 8000 pics on my phone..yikes!

48. We've won 2 slot tournaments on cruises. One on our honeymoon cruise, and one on our 10 year anniversary cruise. Both were 500.00!

49. When I shop, I haggle like I'm in Mexico. Most of the time, I get a discount =)

50. For the first time in my life...I like buying clothes...maybe a bit too much!

51. I keep my friends christmas cards every year....

52. I'm a great cook, but a horrible baker. I burn cookies!

53. I love reading teen fiction

54. I suck at bowling-badly!

55. I've never kept a journal but always envied people that do...I guess fb is my free online journal-for the world to see! eek!

56. I hated Pulp Fiction

57. I still remember watching MTV-back when It had music videos! ZZ Top's "She's got legs" was one of my faves, along with Aha's "Take on me".

58. I've purchased several professional cruise photos over the years and have yet to frame a single one =(

59. I have a mini fridge in my bedroom...its never filled with anything but water bottles

60. I love the movie "What about Bob?" (I'm a sailor..I'm sailing! I sail!!)

61. I chew sf gum every day-I hate bad breath!

62. I bruise really easily...and the bruises last for weeks! =(

63. The only things I've ever bought from Victorias Secret are lip gloss and body sprays...I think that needs to change!

64. I weigh less now than I did in 7th grade!

65. My dogs spoon me every night...they sandwich me in! One in front and one in back. Its great in the winter when I'm cold..but sucks in the summer! lol

66. My 10 year old daughter talks in her sleep

67. None of my kids got the creative drawing gift =(

68. I still have my bridesmaid dress from my brothers wedding when I was 16. Its way too big for me!

69. Someday I want to take photography and art classes

70. I want to go to New Zealand someday...

71. I want to swim under a waterfall

72. I don't have kankles anymore...winning!

73. The only thongs I'll ever wear will be on my feet....seriously!

74. I would love to be a personal trainer someday and help people reach their goals! (or a motivational speaker)

75. I'm a hoarder-but working on it!

76. I like cleaning other peoples own? Not so much.... (again, working on it!)

77. My son's middle name "Patrick" is after my brother's ex girlfriends stuffed frog that she named Kcirtap (patrick backwards)

78. The tooth fairy saves all the baby teeth in our house (wierd?)

79. I have a goiter on my thyroid...and I hope I don't have to have it removed.

80. I love toasted heirloom tomato sandwiches

81. I love cheese...especially pepperjack!

82. I hate jello and pudding and anything else that voluntarily slides down my throat

83. I never smile with my teeth

84. I have dentist office anxiety

85. I love my dr and my kids pediatrician is awesome!

86. I used to cut my own hair in jr high...epic fail!

87. When I was in school, I was so shy that when the teacher would call my name to talk, i'd get a lump in my throat and feel like I was gonna cry-oh how that has changed~

88. I don't like camping in tents cause I'm afraid of bears-thanks to my high school wildlife biology teacher!

89. When driving across the state of Kansas, I was so worried about a tornado, I sat gripping the seat and staring out all the windows for 6 hours straight (too many natural disaster movies!)

90. I dislike the smell of beer...and champagne..and wine...yuck.. (and the taste too)

91. Gangnam Style irritates me like fingernails on a chalkboard

92. My son is self taught on the piano and guitar. He's awesome!

93. I don't like swimming too far out into the ocean...sharks..eek!

94. I put chapstick/tinted lipgloss on like 10 times a day. I hate dry non-shiny lips

95. I own a snoopy snowcone machine. Don't be jealous!!

96. When I was little I used to love scratch and sniff stickers and collect garbage pail kids and jelly bracelets lol

97. I've never had my eyebrows plucked (I know how badly you wanted to know that little tidbit)

98. Unibrows freak me out ;)

99. I have the most amazing friends....

100. When I was little and had to walk home from my friends house in the dark, I would walk in the middle of the street and sing songs out loud cause I was terrified someone was gonna kidnap me.

101. I've been to the Dr Phil show 3 wasn't all

102. I think underwater basket weaving would be fun!

103. When I was little I wanted a Candy Apple Red Convertible Corvette...cause it SOUNDED cool.

104. I miss mistletoe. Can't find it anywhere around here

105. I would love to be an author

106. I think coconut is gross..but I love German Chocolate cake. Go figure

107. The only way I like eggs is over easy, or poached-scrambled is nasty!

108. cotton candy-yuck

109. Carnies at the fair freak me out worse than clowns

110. I once went on the ZIPPER ride at the fair 20 times in one day. Now you couldn't PAY me to get on that ride!

111. I wish my grandma hadn't sold my mom's ballet dresses =(

112. None of my kids has ever gotten lice (knock on wood)

113. Fb game addict...uggghhh

114. secretly happy that my kids don't play school sports. Every year I see my friends suffer through practices in the rain and the heat and their complains make me glad I'm not in the same boat. lol

115. Payday and score/heath fave candy bars....Its all about nuts...and chocolate. Yum!

116. I didn't go to my own prom...but my sister did!

117. When my dad calls me, 90% of the time its to tell me his bad joke of the day...and you wonder where I get my sick sense of humor..

118. I steered clear of IN N OUT burger for 10 years because the first time I went there I accidentally asked for my burget "doggie style" instead of "animal style" (with sauteed onions) The drive thru people were cracking up.

119. None of my kids sucked their thumbs, had special blankies, or imaginary friends

120. I have an involuntary nose twitch that my kids make fun of.

121. I still love watching disney movies....more than my kids!

122. Someday I want to run a half marathon or participate in a triathalon.

123. The smell of tuna makes me want to hurl

124. I love dancing but lack the confidence to do it in public

125. Miranda Sutton and I have kept the "Pancho and Pedro" joke going since jr year in high school ;)

126. Dr. Horrible is the worst movie ever made...sorry Miranda and Brian!

127. My first time at a bar was on my 21st birthday. I was with Christina Magoulas. I accidentally asked for a furry pelvis instead of a fuzzy navel..I was mortified!!

128. I applied for biggest loser season 6 and have a pic with Alison Sweeney. 7 years later, I took another pic with her and the differences are amazing!

129. One of the kids I used to nanny for is now a professional model. I'm very proud of him!

130. My son told his kindergarden teacher that we changed his name to "Dirk". Don't know where he got that name from, but it certainly wasn't from any movies we have

131. In high school, two of my teachers both threw donut parties for the class if I was able to attend school 20 days in a row without skipping. Both times were successful, both times I was absent on day 21. lol

ok that's enough useless Jill info for now...If you acctually read through to the end..congrats! You now know nothing more about me that you wanted to know! ;)


kristine cervello said...

I read them all and love you even more

kraftyladyincali said...

Awww ty Kristine! !

kraftyladyincali said...

Awww ty Kristine! !

Michelle Bowley said...

I've just finished reading your random things post and I must tell you that you are very brave to bear your life to us 'unknowns' I loved reading about you and plan on going back and reading all your posts.
Thank you for sharing my breakfast with me.
hugs, Michelle
A girl friends cruise? I love that idea!

Babylon said...

Sorry for sticking my nose into your blog!
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Back in 17th century a moderate goiter had been considered as a sign of female beauty.
Most women in Italy had it due to the lack of dietary iodine.
If you are referring to cystic thyroid nodule you may want to research about PEI ablation procedure (used in Santa Monica thyroid clinic)
You can also name it "madam's apple"
Thanks for reading & best wishes!!

Hayley-Eszti Szucs said...

That's a lot of cruises! Lucky you! I feel the same way about the donut thing ... a donut is a donut isn't it? I've never seen a fortune teller, I'd quite like to though just for the fun!