Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Teresa Collins Album

So last year, I went to an expo (or maybe it was early this year acctually) and I bought a KIT from a company that sells album kits (very very talented chicks)and I finished the album in less than an hour, but never had a bind it all to complete it, so FINALLY, today I took the kids with me to my LSS and used their bind it all (not gonna say their name on here, cause they were giving me crap about using their machine and not BUYING one from them)..but's finally finished!

So here are some pics..and remember, i took these really fast cause my battery was they're blurry, crooked, bad lighting..etc..but at least you get the picture, right? right...


Anonymous said...

love what you did... love your additions!!!!

teresa collins

Julia BSB said...

Hi Jill! Love You, love Teresa Collins and as so, I loved the result of your album!!! Jill, there is a stamp reward for you on my Blog: www.paperdesignbyjuliabsb.b

Julia BSB said...

Hi Jill! I may thank God for your friendship and support every single day of my life! Love U, dear! xox Julia

Sylvia said...

This is so cute. I haven't seen a lot of these, but I'm starting to fall in love with this design. It looks like you put a lot of time and effort into it. Good Job. Maybe I'll get ambitious and attempt this.

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Anonymous said...

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