Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I took pics with my camera phone when we went to Adobe Days in Yucaipa a couple of weeks ago, but it seems I forgot to post them..oops! Mom wanted to take the kids to an "educational" experience at the Yucaipa Adobe, so I agreed, and the girls had a blast. Jacob's in his "that's boring, where's the video games" stage, but he didn't complain too much!. Here are some pics from the day. I might just throw out my washer and dryer and dabble a bit in child labor for a while.....

They made "whirlygigs"

Homemade candles (I made one but I dipped it in pink and then blue, and it ended up looking like a flesh colored severed member, so mom got embarrassed and made me throw it

Corn husk dolls (mine's the cool one on the left with the bandana and tank top) lol

Beating the rugs (the girls wanted to do this forever and I had to PULL them away to go home...good therapy..I think I'll have to buy some rugs they can beat!

washing clothes (obviously these pics are in the wrong order but I'm lazy)

And mom holding ALL the things they made so they can continue beating the rugs. Have I mentioned lately that she's over 60 and looks THIS DARN GOOD? I'd be lucky to look HALF this good when I grow up! (not that I'll be ready to grow up any time soon!)

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One_Balanced_Mama said...

Gotta say, Jill, your mom looks the same as when I knew her... and that was oh, let's see, yikes, 13 years ago. :)