Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry CHRISTMAS 2008!

I know I've done a crappy job at blogging lately, and this one isn't gonna be much better, cause I'm in a super duper hurry. I'm supposed to be packing right now cause we're leaving at 0 dark thirty tomorrow morning for 5 days in Vegas (visiting my family and also an inlaw family reunion!)
Soooo, this is gonna be short but sweet with not much journalling so I can get back to work without getting "the look"

My top fave pics from this week.....drumroll....

my camera is on the hoo, and some of these pics are very grainy and blurry, but darn it, I still like em!
Happy Holidays!


Los Claytons said...

Jacob was telling us how bad he wanted an acoustic guitar but didn't think he was getting one! Looks like Santa came through :)

Have fun in Vegas!

Awesome Abby said...

All of those pics are great ones! I'm notorious (as you know) of snapping them with my cell...better cell-style than none at all is my motto!