Friday, December 14, 2012


Has it really been a year and a half since I last blogged? Holy cow I had no idea! I miss it I really do! I used to blog almost every day. I think back then I scrapbooked and crafted every day and acctually had something to show on my blog..and then I had a hyserectomy, and a tonsillectomy, and I realized my blog posts were horribly depressing cause I was blogging about being in pain and so I stopped blogging. I also stopped crafting for a while. *gasp* Well, I've watched my talented scrapbooker friends post their blogs and Ideas on facebook and pinterest lately, and it gave me the crafting bug, so the past week I've been crafting my butt off every chance I get, and I thought I'd be kind enough to share it with you all on my blog. (and then I can pin it to pinterest..since pinterest doesn't let you pin pics from facebook *their fail* The first craft I did was just a little ornament kit I bought at Joanns a few years ago, and I came across it the other day and it looked fast and simple so I opened it up and started putting it together. Super cute and easy!
We're supposed to create something handmade for our book club gift exchange this year, and I started out making a burlap wreath that looked horrible so I set it aside and started tearing up canvas, and that looked horrible too, so I added a ton of vintage lace and prima flowers, and then I fell in love...I just might keep it now and use something else for book club!
I saw this on pinterest...I think...and then I was walking thru my room yesterday and looked on top of my book shelf and there were 4 empty glass bulbs sitting there that I prob bought 2 years ago for a project I never did (no I dont clean my clutter very often obviously. ) So when I saw the ornaments It made me think of what I saw on pinterest and I got out all the other supplies I already have (cause I have everything michaels has *seriously) and started putting these together with my mom. Only took us about half an hour. LOVE FAST CRAFTS!
This is the burlap wreath I started the other day. The one I put aside. I originally just threw a couple of prima flowers on there..and it looked so bare and boring. So today I got it out again and fiddled with it, added red ribbon, started making some rosettes that I saw Margie Romney Aslett make on her blog. Ripped up some vintage books *gasp* and added some stuff...took it off...added 2012...looked dumb....then thought about that book club exchange again...ripped the 2012 off, and added "read". ahhhh now I'm in love with this wreath...hmnnn should I use it for the exchange or keep it as well what to do what to do??
I'm going to a pinterest party tonight where we are having another exchange. IT has to be something we pinned on pinterest and then made, and the food we bring has to be something we pinned on pinterest too. Well, I've pinned several mini albums to pinterest, but none of them looked like this. This is for once my own design 100%. And once again I like it and don't want to part with it. Bummer!
Pinterest inspired Christmas coasters. Super fast, super easy, and super grateful for mod podge...enough said! =)
Last but not least, a decoration I made on a tile for a friend (that I hope doesn't read my blog today cause she will know its for her (hostess gift)
so there my friends are the crafts I made this week. HOPEFULLY there will be more to come and I'll be inspired to blog about them. This blog was once hopping. I used to get obsessed with waking up in the morning and seeing how many hundreds of people had viewed it in one day all over the world. Maybe, just MAYBE It'll get that way again someday!


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